Chris Heuvel

Creative Director

A little about me...

Originally from Pennsylvania, Chris is a 2008 graduate of Liberty University with a degree in Graphic Design, and comes from an extremely creative and artistic family. His brother and father are both very talented fine artists (In fact, a few of his brother Ryan's paintings can be seen in ShowCase's studios), which gave Chris an opportunity growing up to develop a passion for creativity and its impact on people and culture. Chris was part of the ShowCase Marketing apprenticeship program in 2007 as a college junior, and upon graduation became a full-time brand developer. An avid basketball fan and exercise freak, he also LOVES donuts…all donuts, any size and flavor, causing a significant dilemma. However, Chris is committed to not worry about the conflict for another 10 years or so.
(864) 281-1323 ext.1011

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