Catherine Crandall

Art Director

A little about me...

You don't meet a lot of people who have an affinity for Japanese culture and language, who also enjoy working on a '65 Ford Mustang—just for kicks. But such is the case with Catherine—a true Renaissance woman. To round out her, er...."well-roundedness," she also has wicked art direction and design skills and is fluent in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. After graduating from Clemson in 2008 (in Modern Languages, no less), Catherine got her Certificate of Graphic Design and has been a Freelance Designer the past couple of years in Greenville—including right here at Showcase. In fact, we liked her so much we offered her a full-time job, which (thankfully), she accepted. In addition to her interests mentioned above, Catherine enjoys running, baking and crocheting.
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