Bill West

Vice Chairman

A little about me...

Bill West helps companies grow. Plain and simple. After years of C-Level experience, he understands that it's the dynamic integration of sales, marketing, and operations that ultimately determines success. Hailing from the Garden State and a longtime New York resident as well, Bill's business sensibilities are at once grounded in tried-and-true practicality and at the same time visionary and opportunistic. His real-world experience allows him to identify new doors and channels in a shifting economic landscape. Bill is currently the Managing Partner of The Atlantic Partners-a business improvement firm offering financial leadership and exit strategies. Over the past three decades, he has a number of impressive success stories with companies he has taken on, overhauled, transformed, and ultimately sold for a substantial profit. He has held the positions of President, COO and Board Member at Carolina Phone, Dial Page, Solo America and USTelecenters, as well as a number of senior management positions at AT&T. He has served on the boards of Dataflux, Latin Broadband Group, Readycom, QSI and Unified Signal among others.
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