PalmettoPride Statewide Ad Campaign

A little about the project...

PalmettoPride is a non-profit, statewide organization spearheaded by Sen. David Thomas that raises awareness for litter and organizes cross-county litter control programs throughout South Carolina.

They approached us about building a stronger, more effective statewide anti-litter campaign. This campaign would need to reach to all aspects of PalmettoPride's marketing including redeveloping their organization's website, branding collaterals, print materials, magazine and television advertisements, etc. We worked with them to develop a campaign around "Molly," a South Carolina-born 9 year old who feels the effects of litter on her life and her environment.

The ROI...

Within two months of launching the "Molly" campaign, their website generated an exponential increase of visitors, 4X the volume in 2 months that their website generated in the entire previous year. The impact was also far reaching across the state with billboards and television advertisements generating more awareness than any previous campaign.

Things we did...

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Billboard Designs
  • Magazine Ads
  • Television Commercials
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Website Rebuild
  • Local and Statewide Promotions