Dr. Matt Bynum Ad Campaign

A little about the project...

Dr. Matt Bynum is a dentist who specializes in esthetic and cosmetic dentistry. He is also an industry leader who travels extensively speaking at dentistry workshops across the country. He is also a writer and all around good guy.

Dr. Matt approached us about developing a city-wide campaign to drive awareness of his services. We worked with Matt to generate a series of "rock star" inspired advertisements that eventually lead to the phrase, "Dr. Matt Rocks!" This was followed by a series of television spots, billboards, and print advertisements that promoted how Dr. Matt could turn your smile into a rock star smile.

The ROI...

Significant awareness of Dr. Matt and his brand came from exposure to strategically placed billboards, television commercials, and other marketing materials. Business increased during seasons of traditionally lower traffic and the "rock star" message continues to be well-known in the Upstate.

Things we did...

  • Branding "Rock Star"
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Billboard Designs
  • Magazine Ads
  • Television Commercials
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Other Local Promotions